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Select recent and past creative projects in art, design, and culture.

Olivia Merrion & Duke Riley  | Fly By Night



was a guest curator for a video exhibition at Locust Projects’ Screening Room, the films ran from November 29, 2022 - February 04, 2023.  These  4 films touched me deeply, in different ways, but the common thread they shared was a deep tie to our humanity that connects us all.

"Often used to refer to internal self-awareness, or looking inward, the word introspection evokes varying thoughts and feelings among individuals depending on their experiences and emotions. The selected films reveal different journeys of introspection used to accomplish a desired outcome.

When one is truly passionate, what seems complicated can become simple, and the mundane can become extraordinary. Highlighting connections between humans and our environment, artistic desire and how we navigate through life each day, this collection of films delves deeply to understand our engagement and place in the world."

--Donnamarie Baptiste

Mikey Please | Marilyn Myller

 Paul Ward | Luck Is Alive


Dimitry Saïd Chamy | Portals (of the Night Garden) 2022

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